3D Printing Future

Over the last couple of years, 3D printing has attracted significant media attention. Stories about 3D printed Stradivariuses, undetectable plastic guns, novel building designs, personal miniatures, medical devices and a variety of other 3D printing objects, have become an almost daily occurrence in the mainstream press.

3D printing has been heralded as a technology that will transform the world, with commentators claiming that it could be “bigger than [the] internet” (Financial Times) and “the PC all over again” (The Economist). Even Barack Obama has added his voice to the clamour, stating in his 2013 State of the Union Address that 3D printing “has the potential to revolutionise the way we make almost anything” .

Sources: (IfM, University  of Cambridge, 2014)


3D Expertos Consultation

With the view of materializing the outstanding promising benefits of 3D-Printing, the team of 3D Exportos are geared to work closely with clients to exploit the benefits of 3D-Printing in their domain. 3D-Printing potential is gross, almost all sectors, including but not limiting to Manufacturing, Entertainment, Education, Medical, Construction and much more.

We at 3D-Experto, along with our partners, shall conduct feasibility studies and proof of concept for applications for our clients to deploy 3D-Printing.


Increase in Productivity and Cost Reduction

The essence of 3D-Printing  is make what used to be impossible before possible. Make things faster, cheaper and with high quality. Reports and studies shown the successful stories where 3D-Printing is deployed. Depend on the sectors, 3D-Printing shall avail either increase in productivity and/or cost reduction.

For this, 3D-Expertos shall help to deploy successful applications of 3D-Printing to our clients, so the realize the benefits that others are getting, and also, the potentials benefits to come.


Secret Mix:

For any application, a creative solution is required. The selection of the right  mix of components of is essential and should be performed carefully and based on scientific approach.  To materialize the benefits for any given application, shall highly depend on the suitable combination of the 3D-Printers, 3D-Scanners, 3D-printing materials and 3D-software .

3D Expertos shall conduct a collaborative research with Think Tanks for ensuring the right selection for the right application.


Implementation and Maintenance Support:

3D Expertos services is not limited to consultation only, but also to be greatly involve in the implementation of the solutions for ensuring highest possible impact of 3D-Printing solutions to our clients.  This is followed by optional maintenance support for our clients to ensure security of operation.

There is a potential for your company to benefits from 3D-Printing, whatever was your product/services or sector, 3D-Expertos are one call away to help in exploiting the opportunities for your.