Artec Studio:

Full power of professional 3D scanning software with Artec Studio which offers 2 different ways of scanning:

  1.  Scanning with real-time fusion – the software compares 3D frames to find the same geometric features and to stitch these 3D frames together in real time, while you scan.
  2. Texture tracker – the software analyzes textural and geometric features that are used to position the frames together, while you scan. Fusion may be done later.

Color Support

With Artec Studio you can create colorful 3D models by mapping a texture on them. Texture can then be exported along with the model as png or jpeg files.


Full Model Optimization:

You can use advanced optimization algorithms integrated into Artec Studio to optimize positions of all the 3D frames. By doing that, you will get the best possible accuracy out of your scan.


Rigid and Non-Rigid Scan Alignment:

Scan complex scenes and align them in the Alignment mode of Artec Studio. Use non-rigid alignment button in case the subject moved during scanning and the motion should be compensated.


Full-featured GUI:

Artec Studio comes with a full-featured interface that allows you to manipulate your 3D models. Not a full list of what’s included:

* Projects and built-in Undo/Redo
* 3D editing tools (eraser, smoothing brush, transformation tools)
* Advanced 3D processing algorithms, including: hole filling, mesh smoothing, filtration, edge smoothing and much more
* Support for many popular 3D formats (Obj, Stl, Ply, Ptex, Ascii, Vrml)
* Localization for 10 languages: Chinese, Czech, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Russian and Spanish


Measurement Tools:

Use the tools included with Artec Studio to measure and analyze your 3D models. Measurements tools that you are getting:

* Linear measurements
* Geodesics
* Distance maps
* Cross-sections


Integration with photogrammetry solutions:

Photogrammetry is useful for industry design and product development and is widely used in other fields. Photogrammetry lets you easily scan really big objects, improve accuracy, and boost productivity by reducing post-processing time.

All that you need is to import photogrammetry measurement results and scan the same object with special reference targets.


Absolutely NO manual alignment!:

Make scan after scan after scan. All frames within a scan will be aligned automatically and all scans will be aligned between each other. Unlike any other software, there will be no cumbersome manual alignment procedures during post processing.


Documentation and Customer Support:

Read 100+ page manual installed with Artec Studio or ask our support team for help.