About Us:

3D-Expertos strive to exploit the promising high value of the 3D-Printing ecosystem including, 3D-Printers, 3D-Scanners, 3D-printing materials and 3D-solutions that emerging cross wide range of sectors. Building on our dedication, experience and network, we keen to transform the values of 3D-Printing  into benefits and opportunities to our clients.

 Our vision guides every aspect of our business:

Portfolio: Provide the MENA Region with a portfolio of creative 3D solutions that leads to renovated opportunities, such financing opportunities, cost reduction, better performance, higher productivity etc..

Partners: Nurture a winning network of partners a whom with we create mutual and enduring value together. Our network includes leading manufacturers, consultants, think tanks and international institutes. In term of geographical network, our partners are placed in USA, UK, Europe and Russia.

Profit: Flourish opportunities in 3D-Printing that achieve and maximize long-term return to our customers.

Productivity: Prove how 3D-Printing solutions leads to higher productivity for our clients.

People: Be a great place to work where people are inspired to be the best they can be.



To be the innovative exploiter of novel 3D-Printing technologies to build an evolving ecosystem in the MENA region.


To provide creative 3D-Printing solutions and franchising opportunities that add significant value to our clients, through deploying disruptive innovation, partnering with 3D-Printing think tanks and being reseller for leading manufacturers.


Our Executive Team:

With the great diversity of 3D-Printing applications across different sectors, 3D Expertos team reflects this diversity with a collective experience of over 40 years in many fields. 3D-Expertos team is well-experienced in Manufacturing, Electronics and Telecommunications, Brand Marketing and Management Consultancy.

Hamza Al Ghatam

Chief Executive Officer


Ebrahim Radhi

Business Development Director



Nabeel Radhi

Supply Chain & Logistics Director


Eyad Alnaqi

Technical Director