3D Biometric – 3D Face Recognition Technology

Boradway 3D face recognition system by Artec Group is the first device in the world capable of visually identifying a person as easily as humans identify each other. Identification takes a split second. Walk or even run past, simply glance at the device and it will “remember” and recognize the identity of one of the tens of thousands of previously registered people. Unlike other biometrics, the Boradway 3D face recognition system doesn’t require direct physical contact or exact positioning in front of the identification device. It identifies walking  people regardless of their age or height, It also recognizes people wearing sunglasses or with beards and moustache. Similar to humans, the device is equipped with a 3D vision system, which “remembers” the unique three-dimensional shape of the face. Unlike human vision, however, the device is able to differentiate nuanced geometry with accuracy of up to fractions of a millimeter, enabling it to tell apart identical twins and making it one of the most accurate biometric devices. Face-Recognition copy

3D provides:


High Speed Access

Registration time: 2 sec

Recognition time: less than 1 sec

Unlimited Database in verification mode

Throughput capacity: up to 60 people per minute



Working distance range: 0.8-1.6m

No direct physical contact or positioning

Fast recognition with hats and sunglasses

Simple Integration

Visual indication of mode


Reliability and Security

No “human factor” mistakes

Impossible to fool by a regular photo

High-quality 3D measurements of human face

New-generation copy

New generation of 3D sensing technology

A wide-field-of-view 3D sensor

Real-time 3D video


Broadway 3D currently provides the highest  security level of access control. Broadway 3D reads biometric information about  face shape, compares it with those biometric  templates stored in the database, and makes  the decision to issue control signals to actuators  controlling access to premises (turnstiles, locks,  gates, etc.) Broadway 3D can also complement existing  access control systems that are based on other  identification technologies, in order to improve  their reliability and functionality. Moreover, the device can be used with  ATMs,electronic information kiosks,  paymentterminal, customer loyalty program  stations for identity authorization, etc.


The Use :


Ease of Use:

Unlike the other biometrics, the 3D face  doesn’t require direct physical contact or exact  positioning. The Broadway 3D® identifies walking  people regardless of their age or height.


Protection against loss or theft of a badge:

In cases where keycards and badges are used, Broadway 2D® prevents unsanctioned use of stolen. lost or handed over cards.When granting access the device dose not only check the authenticity of the card but also identifies the person using the card.

Software :


software included:

The Broadway Management Console (BMC) is a server-based  software with the capability to store and configure the central  database, collect the time and attendance statistics and provide  the Broadway 3D® status monitoring.


Safeguarding personal information:

Unlike other biometrics, Broadway 3D face recognition system identification doesn’t carry the risk of private data being used against the person since the geometric dimensions of a face is “public information”. All data is recorded in the form of a template based on the scan of the geometry of the person’s face processed by the system.

Integration :


Simple Integration:

Broadway 3D® can be quickly and easily integrated into 3rd party (new or existing  access control system (ACS)). There is no need to change the  current ACS or get rid of badges/key cards. Each client can choose  a scenario that works best for their company, for this purpose  there are hardware interfaces (Dry contact and Wiegand) and  SDKs (Broadway 3D SDK and Database SDK).


Work hours audit:

Broadway 3D® enables employee attendance automation and enhancement  record keeping eliminating the danger of falsification.